5 reasons to make your bed

5 Reasons to make your bed

If the thought of making your bed gives you the bad aftertaste of a chore you were nagged about as a child, perhaps understanding some of the great benefits it can have could be just the thing your bed-making (or not) tendencies need for a revamp. Here are five of our top reasons to get that bed looking crisp and neat each morning.

5 reasons to make your bed1. The happiness factor

According to a survey that was done by Hunch.com, 71% of people who make their beds every day describe themselves as generally happy people. Of those who don’t make their beds regularly, 62% said they were unhappy. The tidier folk were also more likely to feel well rested, be homeowners, enjoy their jobs and exercise regularly.

Although we wouldn’t go so far as to say this is a case of cause and effect, psychologists do seem to agree that making your bed is a symbolic act that helps you start your day off in a positive way.

2. Better sleep

Who doesn’t want better quality sleep? Sleep experts are big fans of bedtime rituals to help set the stage for a better night’s rest. The soothing task of turning down your bed can be part of that, but only if your bed is already made. It’s a nice luxury touch that you can use at home to add something special to your bedtime experience.

3. Hygiene habit

If you have pets that like to sleep on your bed during the day, making your bed keeps the smell of their hair and their dander off your sheets.

Speaking of hygiene and bed-making, a misleading article published by the BBC in 2005 called “Untidy beds may keep us healthy” (which suggested that unmade beds were less attractive to dust mites) was a wonky interpretation of already flimsy science that has been debunked in many other studies. Dust mites in your bed are an inevitable reality that aren’t a health issue for most people.

4. Order out of chaos

If you hate waking up in a tangle of sheets and blankets, one of the best things to do is start with a clean slate. Having a nicely made bed with a neat sheet, blanket or duvet will give you the best shot at a smooth, peaceful sleep.

5. Up-skill

Practice makes perfect. The more you make your bed, the faster you will become at doing it. Pretty quickly, daily practice will get you to the point where your bed will look mom-approved in less than a minute.

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