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Sleep – what your mom really wants this Mothers’ Day

Forget the flowers and chocolates – what your mother really wants won’t fit in a gift bag. Research shows that for moms, each child in the house boosts the chances of insufficient sleep by a whopping 50%. So, when your mom says, “I’m so tired!” she really means it. How about giving your mom what she really wants this Mothers’ Day and helping her get a great night’s sleep? Here are some ideas:

Splurge on a hotel stay

If you can afford it, why not send mom away for a night of undisturbed sleep in a quiet hotel room? You may want to get your siblings, dad or other family members to help with this one, especially with making sure that everything’s okay on the home front while mom enjoys her night away. You could even bundle this with another special occasion to make it worth the while.

Set up her bedroom for blissful sleep

For an at-home option, give mom’s bedroom a sleep-friendly makeover. Light some scented candles (lavender is great as a sleep aid), run her a bath, plump up her pillows, play some soft music, make the bed with the comfiest blankets and if it’s chilly where you are, get a hot water bottle ready for her before bed. Make her a cup of tea or hot chocolate, and give her some space and time to rest and relax. That means keeping the house peaceful and quiet, and not bothering her before bed. Take care of the chores she normally does, and let her get to bed early.

Upgrade her sleep essentials

Does you mom need a new pillow or upgraded bed linen? Maybe some scented linen spray? Sinking into a comfy, beautiful bed is the perfect end to Mother’s Day. Maybe the whole family can pitch in and even consider a new bed if mom’s old one is no longer supporting quality sleep. More affordable alternatives include new pyjamas, slippers or a sleep mask.

Let her sleep in

To let your mom get the most out of Mothers’ Day, instead of surprising her with breakfast in bed, why not let her have a long lie-in on Sunday morning? Keep the house quiet and hold off breakfast until she’s ready to get up, and then make sure you serve her so she can stay relaxed and enjoy a slower start to the day. If that’s not an option, set up a nap corner for her somewhere peaceful for later in the day, where she can catch her breath… and an extra 40 winks.

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