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Slaap soos n atleet

n Goeie nagrus is krities belangrik vir jou gesondheid. Vind uit jy nie moet uit mis nie.

Normal Sleep – Turns Out, There Might Be No Such Thing

When we delve into the realm of sleep, the prevailing notion has long been that a solid eight hours of slumber is the gold standard for rejuvenation. Yet, have you ever encountered those individuals who fervently attest to thriving on a mere six hours of shut-eye? Conversely, there are those who indulge in a luxurious 10 to 11 hours of nightly rest. The truth is, the landscape of sleep is far more intricate than a one-size-fits-all prescription.

Almal se behoefte aan slaap verskil

“Die belangrikste ding is dat jy moet voel jy het genoeg geslaap wanneer jy wakker word – jy is nie slaperig gedurende die dag nie. Goeie dagfunksie is ‘n beter maatstaf van normaal eerder as die regte syfers vir jou slaap in die nag,” verduidelik Bentley

Celebrating World Sleep Day with a focus on how sleep affects sporting performance

s the world gears up to celebrate the importance of a good night’s rest on World Sleep Day, an entirely different kind of endurance is set to unfold on the rugged trails of the Absa Cape Epic – the planet’s most televised mountain bike race. In a fascinating twist of timing, the event kicks off just as World Sleep Day approaches, creating a unique intersection of wellness and sporting grit.