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Combined Clean-up at Blue Lagoon Beach

We’ve been busy at the beach again! On 8 September 2022, we had a group of more than 80 people coming together to help clean up Durban’s Blue Lagoon Beach.

The clean-up team, organised by Restonic iDream Beds included representatives from our partner, The Mattress Warehouse, as well as Green Corridors, WESSA and schoolchildren and teachers from St James School. We were also joined by Romario Valentine (Durban’s young environmentalist best known for his book, Protect Our Planet), whom we’ve partnered with previously.

Beach clean-ups have become a regular event for us and are something we are committed to as a company.

“We work hard to be Africa’s greenest bedding manufacturer, and so we take every opportunity to live out our values and do our bit in person to care for and protect the environment,” says Michael Robinson, Manager: Sales & Operations for Restonic iDream and Green Coil. “Beach clean-ups are something we’ve adopted as a regular way of partnering with communities because they tie in with what we do in our manufacturing business. In our iDream Beds range, we partnered with the Seaqual™ Initiative to use plastic removed from the ocean in the production of textiles for our mattresses. When customers purchase one of these iDream mattresses, the equivalent of 50 PET plastic bottles is removed from our oceans – per bed*.”

The Blue Lagoon clean-up was a great success, with our entire team coming together at the start for an induction before spreading out to collect plastic waste and litter. Michael spoke about the Seaqual Initiative and our ongoing beach clean-up partnership with The Mattress Warehouse, and thanked everyone for taking the time to come and help.

Then we heard from Siphiwe Rakgabale, Green Corridors’ Litter Boom Coordinator, who talked about what the Green Corridors organisation is doing, what litter booms are, and why they’re important.

Finally, Romario spoke about his passion for the environment and encouraged the other schoolchildren to each do their part.

After the clean-up, we all enjoyed lunch together on the clean and tidy beach.

*The plastics collected during this event will not be used in bedding products. The ocean plastics used in the iDream Beds mattress textiles and yarns are sourced directly from the Seaqual™ Initiative.