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Introducing our Plant-a-Tree Programme

Introducing the Restonic SA Plant-a-Tree Programme

We’re excited to be launching an initiative we’ve been planning for some time now – our new Restonic SA Plant-a-Tree programme.

From October 2021, when you buy a Restonic SA bed, including Restonic idream and Restonic Greencoil beds, and register it on our website  (which also activates your warranty), we will plant a tree on your behalf. We will also send you a certificate to verify your tree has been planted, as well as annual updates on your tree.

Why plant trees?

At Restonic, we do our best to be environmentally conscientious in every area of our business, from recycling fabric scraps to optimising our logistics to minimise our carbon footprint. Now we’re offering our customers the chance to help us by planting trees.

Trees are critical to life on earth. They produce oxygen, which humans need to breathe, and are the most efficient consumer of carbon dioxide (as well as other greenhouse gases) on the planet. In fact, every year, a single acre of trees can absorb six tonnes of carbon dioxide from the environment. Because of this, trees help to fight climate change. They also play an important role in healthy ecosystems for other plant and animal species, providing everything from food to shelter, and they help to regulate water retention and weather patterns.

Planting trees can also help to reduce extreme poverty and restore healthy forests. You can help Restonic to plant trees through your purchase.

How our programme works

Through our partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects, which employs local people to plant millions of trees every year, benefiting communities around the world, we will plant one tree per Restonic SA bed that is purchased and registered on our website, which also activates your warranty.

All you need to do is buy a Restonic SA branded bed, scan the QR code on the bed, fill in our online form and upload your proof of purchase. Or visit our website to register your product.

We will then verify your bed, plant a tree on your behalf through our partner, Eden Reforestation Projects, and send you a certificate confirming your tree has been planted.

You can sleep even better at night knowing that your bed has made a difference in the world!

For more information on our Restonic SA Plant-a-Tree programme, visit our FAQs page.