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Stable Sleep Support with the Restonic Marvelous Middle®

Does your mattress sag in the middle? This tends to happen because that is where the heaviest part of your body rests. A sagging mattress puts your spine out of proper alignment, potentially causing stiffness, soreness, and, eventually, chronic back pain. For an optimal night’s sleep and a well-rested body, you need a mattress that offers proper support.

The Restonic Marvelous Middle® has been designed to ensure that your mattress has better built-in support where you most need it.

How it works

According to, the standard foam materials used in mattresses tend to soften over time, as they are exposed to pressure every night from your body, resulting in a sagging mattress. This is an unavoidable result of the normal wear-and-tear to a mattress—that is, until we created the Restonic Marvelous Middle® mattress.

marvelous middleThe Marvelous Middle® boasts high-density foam posture bars that run between the bonnel springs in the middle of the mattress, adding 25% more support to the centre-third of the mattress, where it is needed most to support your body.

At Restonic, we pride ourselves in specialised research that ensures consistent quality and innovative design, resulting in better mattress comfort, support, and durability.

Why pick a mattress with Marvelous Middle®?

The benefits of the patented Marvelous Middle® mattress include:

  • Sturdy back support and firmer support overall, owing to the hourglass open springs. This is complemented by a high-density foam filling, which provides protection from the springs and resilient comfort.
  • Extra lumbar support from the Marvelous Middle® technology, which means that pressure distribution is equalised across your entire body, instead of being concentrated on your curved spine.
  • Durability of the centre support, resulting in a longer-lasting, non-sagging mattress.
  • A conventional top that is firmer and tighter, yet comfortable, and a reinforced mattress edge, which prevents perimeter sagging and provides a sturdier seating edge.

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