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Eat your way to that loving feeling

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and, whether you’re a fan of this Hallmark holiday or not, all things love-related are headed for your social media accounts, radio stations and other media over the next few days.

Given the stress of living through unprecedented times, everyone is looking and feeling a bit ragged as they try to patch together affordable yet efficient ways to feel the love once more. And, why not? After all, love is all we need…right?

1. Let’s talk about sleep, baby!

If your potential Valentine’s Day plans (or lack thereof) have been keeping you up at night, bear in mind that suffering from a sleep shortage not only makes you feel sluggish but can also lead to a lack of libido. So, before the big event rolls around, make sleep a priority to ensure that you can enjoy whatever the night may hold.

Once your sleep is back on track, and you’re feeling energised and enthusiastic about treating yourself to something delicious, with or without a significant other, let’s head to the kitchen to whip up some tongue-tingling goodness.

2. Figs and honey

Start with a delectable appetiser made using what the Ancient Greeks considered the most erotic fruit in the world. Topped with honey, known to support oestrogen and testosterone production, you have a recipe for success.

3. Chilli oysters

Add finely chopped up chillies and ginger with a splash of lime juice to the top of a few freshly chucked oysters for a sensual feast for the senses. Briny oysters are high in zinc and said to boost fertility, while the chillies will raise your body temperature a few degrees and make your lips look even more kissable.

4. Steak your claim

Known for its high protein content, steak will increase your heart rate and fuel you up for the long night ahead. Pair it with beetroot for increased blood flow and avocado to increase sexual responses.

5. Chocolate and cinnamon

Finish off the food portion of the evening with a rich cinnamon chocolate mousse and make the most of this well-known aphrodisiac. A bar of good quality chocolate contains phenylethylamine, which simulates those warm and fuzzy feelings you usually get from a romantic encounter, and cinnamon can do wonders for your sex drive.

These menu suggestions are ideal for that special meal with a significant other but, they can also form part of an Anti-Valentine’s Day party with a few good friends.

In fact, we have some excellent advice on creating a memorable day, no matter what your relationship status, here. There’s no reason for the singletons to miss out. #selflove

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